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The Reference Group

The Reference Group, comprising 12 to 15 people who work for or with community service organisations, is fundamental to the participatory nature of the project. Its role is to be a sounding board, an advisory group, and a bank of community sector practice wisdom. Meeting six times a year, it discusses project progress, planning and issues with the project team. In this way, the project team remains accountable to its primary stakeholders. In the longer term, the Reference Group will also become a resource in itself as it develops over the life of the project into a collaborative forum, knowledge-sharing, problem solving, and advocacy body on issues concerning community based organisations and their use of ICT. We envisage that it will ultimately evolve into a VCOSS-based ICT resource that will continue to support and advocate for the community sector well beyond the life of the project.

The Reference Group's scope is defined in its Terms of Reference, which were developed by the project team with the participation of Reference Group members.

Current members of the Reference Group are:

Members of the Project Team and the Steering Committee also attend Reference Group meetings

The Project Team

The Project Team is responsible for undertaking the work of the project. It comprises lead workers from VCOSS and Monash University, with additional content specialists from Monash.

The Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for overall project management. It considers the advice of the Reference Group in decision-making — recognising its practical expertise and understanding of the environment in which community sector organisations operate.

The Steering Group comprises the two lead project workers (Larry Stillman from CCNR, and Dean Lombard from VCOSS) as well as the CCNR Director (Graeme Johanson) and the VCOSS Sector Development Manager (Marina Henley).

Doing IT Better is a social justice initiative of the Centre for Community Networking Research (Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University) and the Victorian Council of Social Service, generously funded by a foundation.