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2009 Interoperability Forum documents

This page contains download links to documents related to the "Addressing the Interoperability Challenge" forum held on 5 March 2009


Session 1 — What might a new approach look like?

  1. New approaches to Information Management systems: Can a distributed approach to IM be made to work? (Richard Vines)
  2. A CEO’s perspective: What is a reasonable expectation? (Tony Keenan)
  3. The promise of interoperability at the coalface: Evidence based reflective practice & outcome driven client service delivery (Greg Brady)

Session 2 — Challenges, opportunities, and needs

  1. A Government Department perspective: what are the emergent solutions to current challenges? (Jonathan Ashley) NOT AVAILABLE
  2. Building a Client Information Management System (Pere Ruka)
  3. Interoperability Challenges and Vision for a Comprehensive Crisis Response Service (Rendle Williams)
  4. Learnings from implementing an incident reporting data system (Chris Blackman & Matthew Reeder)

Session 3 — Towards a technical and social foundation for interoperability

  1. Managing multiple client systems and building a shared interoperability vision in the Health Sector (Dennis Wollersheim)
  2. Designing for interoperability: Experiences arising from the Clever Recordkeeping Metadata Project (Joanne Evans)
  3. Technologies and mechanisms for supporting interoperability (Gavan McCarthy) NOT AVAILABLE
  4. Cross-schema interoperability (Liam Magee)

Session 4 — A map of the interoperability landscape

  1. Mapping the interoperability landscape (Richard Vines)

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